Don’t Let a Disaster Find You Unprepared

It’s July and that means summer and, unfortunately, the middle of hurricane season.

Hurricanes are now regularly joined by wildfires, floods, tornados and ice storms to wreak havoc on booksellers across the country. Booksellers have been assisted by Binc after their homes were flooded by a hurricane, stores and homes were destroyed in a raging wildfire, having pipes burst or roofs collapse under ice and snow, and all manner of natural disaster. Thanks to our generous donors, both corporate and individual, we have never had to turn anyone away. Binc has been and continues to be a place to turn when booksellers begin to put their lives back together after enduring a natural disaster.

While there are many different types of natural disaster, the preparation is the same. With the help of industry partners and a number of bookstore owners, we have created some tools to help you, your employees, and your store meet whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Last year in conjunction with LIBRIS we rolled out a Disaster Preparedness Checklist. Hopefully, there is already a copy in your bookstore; if not, download your copy LIBRIS_DisasterPreparedness.

Earlier this year we received an email from Sara Hines from Eight Cousin’s Bookstore in Falmouth, MA.

 Because of our situation last year (closed for three months due to massive water damage) and seeing all of the other disasters that bookstores across the country have experienced and because a restaurant across the street from us recently had to call an ambulance for a customer who overdosed during dinner, I am working on increasing our emergency preparedness staff training.

Sara realized that her store needed instructions that were specific to their store. She was looking for a way to train staff on how to manage a situation until the people who know what they are doing arrive. She knew that overwhelming her staff with too much information would be counter-productive but wanted them to be prepared for any emergency. She was compiling an emergency training binder and asked if Binc would take a look at what she had and make suggestions.

What Sara created was an amazingly detailed step-by-step plan to prepare her employees ready for any emergency. We were able to help her organize the information and we are happy to share what we call Emergency 1-2-3. We encourage you all to personalize the pages with important phone numbers, meeting places, contacts and any special processes you use. Then be sure to share the information with your staff. After going over the information with her staff, Sara has it all filed in the store’s Emergency Binder. Every employee of Eight Cousins knows the contents and where to find the binder.

Don’t let your store get caught unprepared, create your personal Emergency Binder today.

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