We make decisions every day – our careers, our families – without ever knowing when one of those decisions will change the course of our lives. When I moved to Ann Arbor, MI in July 2006 it was for a job at Borders’ corporate office. It seemed like a straightforward decision to move on a new career trajectory. In hindsight, how silly it seems now to think that’s all it was.

There is nothing like working in the book industry. I was completely unprepared for what it’s like to be surrounded by book people all day, every day. The newest releases were at my fingertips. I was exposed to authors I may never have found otherwise. I was always reading. Everyone I worked with was always reading. Now, when I struggle to decide what to read next, I realize how easy it was to take that culture for granted and how lucky I was to share in it.

But my time at Borders is important for more than the friends I made and the books I read. It’s where I met my husband, Jason. It’s a simple story and my real life fairy tale. It’s a story where a boy fell for a girl and woo’d her with his charm, his humor, his looks and, particularly, his smarts.

I wasn’t looking for love when I moved to Michigan and started working for Borders but I found it and I’m grateful. My life was full before I met Jason but now it has a layer of meaning I couldn’t have anticipated. So, when I saw that the Binc Foundation was auctioning letters from Borders store #1, I couldn’t resist bidding.

What letter to bid on? C, of course! It’s thanks to Borders than I’m now a “C”. JGC, to be exact. And where to display our C? Our library, of course! Where we’re surrounded by the books we love and the memories that built our joint library.

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Post by Joanna (Goldstein) Cline – Binc Foundation Board Member

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