Taking Binc’s Marketing Survey Pays Off

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Binc would like to thank the 369 booksellers and book lovers who took the time to complete our recent marketing survey. This survey was vital in the Foundation’s effort to get the pulse of the book industry, the very important direct feedback from those working on the front lines of bookselling. From the survey Binc hopes to learn what booksellers know about the Foundation, whether our programs and services are relevant and what the industry would like to see from the Foundation going forward. We are sure that your thoughtful responses will help Binc tailor programs and services to assist booksellers in the best possible way.

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Take our book industry survey for a chance to win Amex gift cards!

In 2013, the Binc Foundation provided financial assistance to 26 families. As a means to help increase the number of booksellers the Binc Foundation is able to help, and to identify potential unmet assistance needs, the Foundation is launching an industry survey to gather information regarding overall awareness of the services Binc provides, improvements that can be made, and ideas for additional ways to assist booksellers

By taking 10 minutes to complete the survey from March 6 – 16, you can help Binc better assist booksellers and you could win an Amex gift card as well! Participants will be eligible to win a grand prize of a $250 Amex gift card or one of ten $25 Amex gift cards.

Amex Gift CardThe Binc Foundation encourages anyone working in the book industry to submit their suggestions. Your answers will enhance Binc’s ability to support the nation’s booksellers.

Our survey is closed. Thanks to those who participated.

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Visiting Bookstores? Help Spread the Word

Visiting bookstores

Are you a sales rep for a publisher, sidelines provider, author, or someone who regularly visits bookstores? If you are then, you can help Binc spread the word to booksellers about the assistance available to them. We know that the more times a bookseller hears about Binc, the more apt they are to take advantage of our services. The value of having our message reinforced by publishers, industry representatives and authors is priceless.

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