Inspiration in Every Message

woman with raised armsI know that it is not a brand’s responsibility to inspire people, customers, or viewers of their ads, through their advertising messages, but the message should persuade us to act favorably upon or consume whatever the brands are selling and promoting. Therefore, it is the promoter’s job to inspire us. Inspire us to feel good about our purchase of their product. Inspire us to want and desire what they have to offer.

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Binc Celebrates Giving Tuesday

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The Tuesday after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday is Giving Tuesday, an international day dedicated to generosity and giving back. On Tuesday, December 2nd the world will again come together to “get out the give” and support hundreds of charitable organizations by donating money and time to promote nonprofits that are important to them and the individuals they support.

Our Board will Double Your Donation on Giving Tuesday

The Binc Foundation is participating in Giving Tuesday to kick off our end of year fundraising campaign. Our Board of Directors has generously agreed to a Board Matching Challenge matching all donations up to $3,020. Your donation will literally go twice as far on Giving Tuesday.

How you can help.

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How Can Old Cell Phones Pay Medical Bills?

cell phone driveThose outdated phones can help pay a bookseller’s emergency expenses when they are recycled through the Binc Foundation.  This fall, at the seven regional IBA Trade Shows, the Binc Foundation will be holding a cell phone drive.  Who doesn’t have at least one old phone collecting dust in some drawer? You can help your staff, friends and customers de-clutter and raise money for booksellers in need at the same time. The funds raised through the cell phone recycling project are turned into assistance for medical bills, help with housing and utilities and more.

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Store and Corporate Sponsorship

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“To strengthen the bookselling community through charitable programs that support employees and their families.”

This is the mission of the Binc Foundation, to help maintain a strong book industry.  To achieve this goal, we need strong bookstores, and strong bookstores need engaged employees. Overwhelming medical bills, personal tragedy, natural disaster or the enormous cost of higher education can all pose insurmountable hurdles for a bookstore employee. This is where the Binc Foundation comes in, acting as the “bookseller’s safety net”. Binc provides real help to real booksellers every day. Assisting the bookseller’s family to return to a state of financial equilibrium and allowing the bookseller to focus on the job they love. And this is where YOU come in, as a vital part of this caring community of book people.

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Why Become a Binc Sustaining Member?

It Simplifies Your Lifesustaining member

Many sustaining members do so because it is quick and easy. Sign up one time and each month your contribution will be automatically charged to your credit card or deducted from your bank account. There are no forms to find, no checks to write and nothing to remember. The same amount is deducted every month until you decide to change or stop. Like the infomercial says; “Just set it and forget it.”

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