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Bookseller Stories – A Respiratory Infection

As wonderful as old books can be, they can also create a physical challenge to those who work with these treasures. Such was the situation faced recently by a bookstore owner who had been dealing with a slow-building medical emergency that was threatening to become a chronic condition.

A Car . . . Destroyed

If you see it in the news, Binc is helping booksellers through it. Booksellers are reaching out to Binc every day for help recovering from natural disasters, needing mental health resources and assistance, immigration issues, and more. Thanks to partners and donors like you, Binc is here, standing by ready to help every qualifying bookseller in the country.

One Bad Thing After Another

There are times in life when it seems that everything is going wrong at once. Or that the universe is conspiring against you. The good news is, because of you, during these hard moments when it feels like there is nowhere to turn and the unexpected pile-on of bad news feels unending, Binc is here and ready to help.

Bed Bugs and No Way Out

The helpline continues to ring and emails are coming in every day from booksellers who are on the edge of crisis. Disaster season is here and with it comes earthquakes, floods, and wildfires. But not every natural disaster is a weather-related event. Some can be as tiny as a bed bug. The good news is, because of you, Binc is here and ready to help.

You Kept the Heat On

It has been an extremely busy few weeks at the Binc Foundation. Many more requests are coming in this year than this time last year, and the need for funds is also higher – and disaster season hasn’t even gotten started. The helpline is ringing and emails are coming in every day from booksellers who are on the edge of crisis. The good news is, because of you, Binc is here and ready to help get these booksellers through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

When a Routine Appointment Leads to Devastating News

A bookseller recently scheduled a routine eye exam which led to the discovery of a brain tumor. The news was devastating for the bookseller and their partner and families. It meant months of medical appointments, missed worked for both the bookseller and their bookselling partner, driving long distances to meet with specialists, an invasive and intense brain surgery, multiple medications, and a long recovery period. The bookseller’s partner said it was all incredibly stressful and was threatening to derail them financially. That’s when someone at their bookstore reminded them, they could contact Binc.

A Bookseller’s Life, Saved

We receive phone calls and emails every day from booksellers during some of the most difficult and scary times in their lives. And because of you, we can help. That is why we’re starting this new monthly series from Binc – so you can see the life-saving and life-changing impact you have every day in the lives of booksellers.

Together, we can keep the booksellers’ safety net strong, allowing booksellers to stay in their jobs, in their communities, and doing the work they love.

When Disaster Strikes, Your Help Matters

In 2018, Downtown Books was having a great year: business was up, events were stellar, traffic all summer and into the beginning of fall was strong. Then Hurricane Florence triggered an evacuation of the Outer Banks costing me five full days of shoulder season business. No worries. Just tighten the belt a bit. Double-check the

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