A Casual Comment Leads to a Magical Pairing

eightfold logo skyDid you ever have one of those very ordinary encounters that snowballs into something much bigger? A casual comment, which grows to a longer conversation, leading to an introduction and all this is followed up with something really extraordinary. That is exactly the chain of events that led to Binc’s relationship with Eightfold Marketing & Creative.

For more than a year, we had been hearing from marketing experts and supporters alike that what Binc really needed was a gripping video. We certainly agreed, it was a great idea. But how to accomplish it? We had no experience making videos and knew no one who did. We needed to tell the story of someone Binc had assisted, but these stories are very personal in nature and not something people are comfortable making public. The more we looked into the project, the more we realized we had three major roadblocks:

  1. No knowledge of how to shoot a video
  2. A very high cost to having a professional video created
  3. Lack of a sharable story

Enter an old friend from Kit’s college days; she told us about her son and the success he was having starting up his own video company, while attending school at Michigan State University.  He had a few local accounts and was looking for a non-commercial subject to tackle. That chance conversation was the beginning of our relationship with Nick Stachurski and Ryan Sundberg of Eightfold Marketing & Creative.

The first video they produced for us was a short promotion for an upcoming fundraising event we wanted to promote, called Trivia for Cheaters. The team very creatively captured the fun and spontaneity of the competition, while clearly giving a lesson on how to organize the event. Binc has successfully used this video as a primer for holding Trivia for Cheaters fundraisers in other parts of the country.

Soon the third roadblock was removed, we had a moving story to share. Clarey Rudd, a California bookstore owner, had experienced a major medical crisis and the ensuing bills had caused him to almost lose his stores. Binc was able to assist the family eliminate their medical expenses and helped save their stores. It was a story of mystery, sadness, wonder, expectation and ultimately one of joy. The Eightfold team traveled to California to tackle this difficult and very personal story. Nick and Ryan told Clarey’s story in such a caring and compassion video, that Clarey was moved to write us:  “Nick and Ryan were so enjoyable to work with, they did a tremendous job.  I need to hire them to produce something about the stores. They are two very talented young guys.”

Eightfold has gone on to create marvelous videos for a number of other companies and we know the company’s future is very bright. In a recent article in the The State News, Nick recounted the story of traveling to California to shoot the Binc video. We are thrilled that Nick is as proud of the video as we are.

If any reader is in need of a first-class video to promote their company or business, we urge you to contact Nick Stachurski at Eightfold Marketing & Creative. You will be delighted.

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