Campaign to Sustain – A Big Success

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We send a big thank you out to everyone who helped to promote Binc’s Campaign to Sustain during the month of May. The participation of so many book people is the reason that our first ever campaign to elicit sustaining donors was so successful. At the outset, we set ourselves a very lofty goal of doubling our sustaining donors and we nearly made it (just 1 short). Nevertheless, we consider the campaign to be a major success. The number of people across the book industry who added their support was phenomenal. We added 49 new sustaining donors and their contributions will ensure an additional $990 per month will be available to assist booksellers in need.

We are thankful for the great support we received from the American Booksellers Association, Shelf Awareness, Publisher’s Weekly, the nine regional Independent Bookseller Associations, our Binc board members, and all of our hundreds of followers and friends. Personal requests from a trusted friend or colleague certainly encouraged many to join in supporting booksellers through the Foundation.

As we wrapped up the campaign at BEA, there was some excitement as the number kept rising. More than one bookseller stopped by our table in the ABA Lounge to inquire “How many to go?”. And we also know that as bookseller met bookseller on the BEA floor, a question that was repeated was “Do you contribute to Binc?”. It provided a great opportunity to educate attendees about the programs that the Binc Foundation offers.

One of the most surprising outcomes of the Campaign to Sustain was the variety of donors across the book industry.  Sure, we had booksellers donating, but so much more. Here is how it broke down:

15 – Bookstores

13 – Booksellers

10 – Book industry individuals

3 – Independent Bookselling Associations

3 – Friends of Binc supporters

2 – Authors

2 – Donations in tribute to someone

1 – Publisher

You can find all the names on the donation page of our website. And you can add your name to the list with a quick and easy donation here.

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