Bringing Binc’s Message to Booksellers

Increasing awareness of the Foundation to booksellers has been Binc’s focus for the past two years. While good progress has been made, one important lesson we learned from the survey was that there are still plenty of booksellers out there who are not familiar with Binc.

A small number of respondents were very familiar with the Foundation, and the vast majority of those people considered it a “very important” resource for booksellers. There are still too many booksellers who are vaguely or not at all aware of the assistance that Binc can provide. By the nature of the independent bookstore system, reaching each store and bookseller in the country continues to be a huge challenge. The American Booksellers Association and the nine regional Independent Booksellers Associations have played (and continue to play) very important roles in this continuing communication. We are pleased to enjoy the support of the respected book industry media outlets Shelf Awareness, Bookselling This Week and PW Daily, as they run articles about the Foundation to continue to help us reach booksellers. Having our message come from trusted sources continues to drive across the importance of Binc’s programs. The willingness of book industry partners like edelweiss, WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing,and Baker & Taylor, to support the Foundation through publicity or fundraising is greatly appreciated. You may have noticed in your bookstore, a new army of Binc supporters – sales reps! This intrepid group has offered to remind stores about the Foundation as they make their way across the country. We thank the reps from HarperCollins, W.W. Norton, Random House for their front line support.

This industry of books and book lovers is truly pulling together to keep indie bookstores and booksellers healthy and vibrant.

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