A Car . . . Destroyed

vol.6 // September ’19

A bookseller’s car was destroyed in a flash flood while the bookseller was away from home. Losing their vehicle left them without a way to get to work because, like in many areas of the country, they did not have access to easy, timely, reliable public transportation. Like so many of us, they rely on their car to get to work every day.

In a demonstration of care and solidarity we’ve come to know and rely on in this industry, a fundraising campaign was set up by their bookstore and within 24-hours the bookselling community responded generously, raising the first funds towards a replacement vehicle.

Because of you, Binc could also respond quickly and sent this bookseller a matching grant, giving them additional funds and more flexibility to replace their old destroyed car with a reliable vehicle. You allowed them to get back to work at their bookstore as quickly as possible.

Through Binc’s matching grant program, Binc donors like you double the impact of donations from friends, family, bookstore customers, and others.

Matching grants up to $2,000 are available to supplement funds raised by the bookseller’s community. You help booksellers with auto repairs, insurance premiums, and all sorts of emergencies.

Binc is always evolving and responding to our community’s needs. The matching grant program was created to give support and relief to even more booksellers facing hardship and uncertainty.

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