Bookseller Chuck Robinson Supports Binc with 2400 Mile Cross Country Bike Ride Fundraiser

Chuck Robinson

Binc is thrilled to announce that bookseller Chuck Robinson – co-owner of Village Books in Bellingham, Washington – is pedaling 2400 miles, from Bellingham, WA to Galva, Illinois, to support Binc and two other community foundations!

His ride starts June 15, 2015, in Bellingham, Washington and will end in Galva, Illinois on August 15, 2015, where Robinson will attend his 50th high school reunion. Throughout the ride, he will be supported by his wife, and store co-owner, Dee Robinson in their Rialta motorhome.

Please support Chuck by clicking here to pledge!

Check Chuck’s ride blog for updates

Watch his progress on Twitter by following @BincFoundation or @VillageBksBham

We love this idea because:

  • Our mission is to help people help booksellers
  • Chuck is obviously a big-hearted guy – who is contributing $2,400 (a dollar per mile) and has also raised an additional $4,100 for Binc before the beginning of his ride
  • We couldn’t ask for a better vehicle for raising awareness about our programs to help booksellers in need of educational scholarships and financial assistance for medical and other emergencies

In addition to your donation, here are some other ways you can support Chuck’s ride and Binc:

Chuck will also support two other foundations:

We are so grateful for your support and generosity! Go Chuck!

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