Bookin’ the Rockies & Rockin’ the Bookies

books and beerKit enjoyed spending time with the booksellers from Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association recently in Denver. It all began with a brief presentation at their annual membership meeting, letting the booksellers know that their support (financial and moral) is making a difference in the lives of their colleagues across the country. A hearty thank you to Laura Ayrey and her board of directors for allowing Binc this valuable platform.

After her presentation, Kit got to sit back and listen to the great things that MPIBA is doing. Each year the group collects donations during their fall trade show and awards Literacy Grants to worthy organizations in states served by the MPIBA. This year, two wonderful groups received grants of $500 each. A literacy program at Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, CO, and the Good Samaritan’s Center Head Start Program in Ft. Worth, TX were the winners.

Another fundraiser being held features very clever book letter cutouts that are being sold for $15 each. We were assured that these were created from orphan (sets with missing volumes) or damaged books only! No first run or “valuable” books were sacrificed for this project. The actual cutting is done by students at Centennial High School in Ft. Collins, CO. In this skills training program, at-risk students are taught to use shop equipment and fashion a variety of products, both utilitarian and decorative. Funds raised will benefit this program as well as MPIBA’s traveling ambassador program. The $15 price is a real deal! Order yours at


Once again our table on the show floor was a gathering place for the parents & employers of our Binc Scholars. In what has become a bit of a tradition, the representatives of the winners stop by to have their picture taken to send to their respective students. Jeanne Costello, mother of Emma from Maria’s Bookshop was literally shouting to the crowd how proud she was! Sue and Michaela, from Dolly’s Bookstore even showed us a thank you text from their winner, Natalie Blanton on their phone! We love hearing how our Binc Scholars are doing in their classes.

The Trade Show Scholarship winner, Will Lock from the brand new Badger’s Bookshop in Lincoln, NE also came by the table to say thanks. We wish him all the best with his new shop!

Getting together with old friends is another benefit of attending these fall trade shows. Board of Directors member Kate McCune from HarperCollins and Fundraising Committee (and MPIBA board member) member Meg Sherman of W.W. Norton were both in attendance. These two women are great advocates for Binc and the main reason that so many MPIBA members and bookstores in the area know about Binc.

Meg and Kate

Thank you to the MPIBA members who stopped by to make a donation to the Foundation to help their colleagues. Over the years, this group of booksellers has learned first-hand that Binc is indeed their safety net.


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