Binc’s Diversity Task Force Initiative

Diversity Task Force

In our previous blog post, part of Binc’s dedicated issue in Shelf Awareness, our new Diversity Task Force Initiative was introduced. Thanks to the hard work of our Program Committee members, including Query Books founder Ken White, Binc is working to actively support diversity in the book industry. Here is a brief description from Ken on the direction and progress that the committee has made so far.

Increasing opportunity within the book industry

Binc realizes that a strong book industry must represent all facets of the American population. In order to help support and encourage diversity in the bookselling industry, members of Binc’s Program Committee have formed a Diversity Task Force. This team is researching a number of possible initiatives to create increased opportunities for people of all backgrounds to grow as professionals in the book industry and beyond.

One possible plan is to create a professional development scholarship directly aimed at bringing people of color to major bookseller events like Winter Institute and Book Expo America. This scholarship would allow recipients, who otherwise may not have been able to attend these industry events, meet with their peers and bring home fantastic ideas to increase profitability in their stores or companies. With this educational experience, these booksellers will be better able to contribute towards the common success of bookstores and publishers, and be poised to become leaders in book focused businesses and organizations.

Now is the Time to Support Diversity

The Diversity Task Force has a goal of making a difference sooner rather than later, with scholarships and other programs. With an aim of reaching booksellers of all backgrounds in the trenches and helping to show them the wide variety of career opportunities available in the book industry. Supporting diversity within the book industry is something that Binc feels is important and is dedicated to achieving. It’s really just a matter of adapting something Binc is already doing; helping booksellers grow and thrive professionally.

Many thanks to Ken and the Diversity Task force for taking on this important initiative. If you are interested in furthering this mission by serving on the Program Committee and joining the Diversity Task Force or have ideas to contribute, please email

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