Binc Scholarships: Making Dreams Come True

Learning never exhausts the mind

Each summer as the Binc Scholarship awards are announced we look forward to the thank you notes from recipients. The winners share stories of obstacles overcome, words of gratitude and dreams of reaching their goals. Their words serve as a reminder to all booksellers that a scholarship award from Binc can indeed open new doors to the future.

Breaking through barriers

Most notes tell of working hard to support themselves while pursuing their education, and the relief that the Binc scholarship has provided. Sometimes a scholarship recipient is breaking a barrier, as in the case of a Minnesota bookseller, looking forward to “being the first in my family to achieve a Bachelor’s degree.”

Achieving goals

The booksellers we hear from have set goals for themselves, even when they know that attaining those goals may not be easy. Sometimes their goals are related to bookselling by focusing on literature and writing, as in the case of his bookseller from California. I am able to pursue my love of stories and the written word in both my professional and academic life.”

Often the goal is the continuation of reading and the arts, by passing the appreciation and love of these along to the children across the country.

  • California – “this money is being put toward a very noble cause! The education of our community’s youth.”
  • Idaho – “As a teacher I know I can continue to nurture and instill a love of reading and appreciation of stories to our children.”
  • Minnesota – “In helping me further my own education, you are in turn helping my wonderful middle school students receive a better education.”
  • Massachusetts – “Well on my way to becoming one of those wonderful art teachers!”

Making their mark

Some scholarships are awarded to people looking to make their mark in non-book related fields. This Vermont bookseller looks forward to “providing many of my fellow booksellers with medical care in the future.” Or a New Jersey winner whose “ultimate career goal would be to work for the federal government in cyber crime.” As a bookstore has many tales, so do our Binc Scholarship winners.

Paying it forward

In addition to being grateful for the monetary award, we are always pleased that the winners are inspired to pay it forward. A student from Michigan writes; “the honor compels me to carry on the altruism of the Binc Foundation in my career as an information professional.” And another from Oregon tells Binc; “I promise to put the school funds to good use & pay it forward, now & always!”

Fulfilling a dream

Everyone has a dream, and Binc scholarships provide booksellers with needed assistance to realize those dreams. One winner from Wisconsin summed it up perfectly: “I believe it is never too late to seize the moment, change direction and take control of your destiny. It is this spirit that has helped motivate me to return to graduate studies after two decades.”

Apply today for a Binc Scholarship

Binc is dedicated to helping booksellers and their dependents reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. Winning a Binc Scholarship is a good first step to this end. But one thing is certain – you will never win if you don’t apply!

Applications are being accepted until February 29, 2016. Take the first step by clicking HERE.

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