Binc Provides Professional Scholarships to Booksellers

profdev_treeAs part of Binc’s commitment to strengthening the book industry, this year the Foundation offered Professional Scholarships to all eight of the regional IBAs to help encourage booksellers to attend the regional Discovery Shows and other educational events. Each IBA chose how the funds were to be distributed in the method that best served their membership. We at Binc, were very impressed with the thoughtful ways they chose to distribute the funds. The variety of scholarship criteria emphasizes the unique personalities of each IBA.

SIBA realizes that attending the show can be a major expense, and is using the funds to bring a bookseller who may not otherwise be able to attend.

NAIBA is providing two frontline booksellers with a ticket packet to all the events at their show in Washington, DC.

PNBA will use the scholarship in a raffle to encourage attendees to return to the show on Sunday. The winners will have their expenses reimbursed.

GLIBA and MIBA are both offering a scholarship for one of their booksellers to attend their combined Heartland Fall Forum.

NEIBA is using the Binc scholarship grant for a future educational event. A raffle will be held at their Discovery Show and the winning booksellers will attend “How to Manage a Bookselling Career” workshop in the spring.

MPIBA will use the grant to provide a bookseller with the means to attend their very educational show in Denver.

SCIBA added the Binc grant to the Glenn Goldman Booksellers Scholarship which is awarded to young booksellers with a dedication to bookselling as a career choice who have worked in the bookselling industry for at least two years.

NCIBA, realizing that the majority of their attendees are local and are not in need of airfare is using the funds to provide meals and accommodations for several booksellers.

We are honored to be able to offer these Professional Scholarships, in conjunction with each IBA, to the booksellers attending the Fall Shows. Please stop by the Binc table at your show to say hello and to find out more about how the Foundation is assisting booksellers in need across the country.

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