Binc Meets Booksellers Face-to-Face

Binc IBA tableIn this day and age of constant bombardment of “too good to be true” deals, audiences have become rightfully skeptical. How then can Binc reassure booksellers that our offer of financial assistance with no strings attached is the real deal? The answer is to meet face-to-face in a place where we can take time to explain our programs and answer any questions booksellers may have. Ideally, it would be a place that attracts a number of book people from across the industry. A location where those who have been helped can share their experiences with those who are just hearing about the Foundation. That perfect place turns out to be a regional IBA Trade Show (or more accurately, eight separate shows). This year the trade shows have been rebranded as Discovery Shows and this couldn’t fit Binc more appropriately. We are traveling back and forth across the country to help books industry professionals “discover” Binc.

As part of our commitment to strengthening the book industry, this year the Binc Foundation offered Professional Scholarships to all of the regional IBAs to help encourage booksellers to attend these shows and other educational events. If you plan to attend one of these wonderful shows, please stop by to visit with the Binc representative and find out how the Foundation is expanding programs to offer an ever increasing level of assistance to book store employees.

All of the regional IBAs have very generously provided Binc with a table at their shows – free of charge! Because of this kindness, an additional $3,680 can go to assisting booksellers in their time of greatest need. Here is the fall lineup:

September 18-21 – SIBA in Norfolk, Virginia. Executive Director, Pam French will represent Binc at this bustling event. The SIBA staff puts on a fun show with plenty of games and fun added to the educational sessions and author events. Be sure to stop by our table as part of the annual scavenger hunt!

September 19 – 21 – NAIBA in Washington, D.C. Kit Steinaway, Binc’s Office Manager will be at this show to meet and greet these northeast booksellers. A great line-up of authors and education sessions are on tap.

September 26-27 – PNBA in Tacoma, WA. Pam will join the crowd of booksellers in the beautiful Hotel Murano. The PNBA Board has generously named Binc as the beneficiary of the funds from their Authors Badge promotion. If you purchase a badge, you can receive autographed books AND help booksellers in need.

September 30 – October 2 – Heartland Fall Forum in Minneapolis, MN. Kit and Binc Communication Coordinator, Penny Johnson will be in attendance. This combined show for GLIBA and MIBA is jam packed with useful educational sessions and fun author events. Don’t miss the Silent Auction, where the proceeds will once again benefit the Binc Foundation and the booksellers we assist. Be sure to bid early and often!

September 30 – October 2 – NEIBA in Providence, RI. Pam is back on the east coast for this great show. Meeting old friends and making new ones is always a highlight of these events. Let’s hope she gets a chance to explore historic Providence a bit.

October 9 – 11 – MPIBA in Denver, CO. Pam again, please forgive her if she is jet lagged at this point! This high energy show will be full of events and presentations. Thanks to the MPIBA staff for giving Pam a chance to present a short Foundation update at the General Meeting.

October 17 – 18 – SCIBA in North Hollywood, CA. This will be Kit’s first time meeting the Southern California booksellers. The beautiful Beverly Garland Hotel looks to be a perfect venue to mix and mingle with book people.

October 23- 24 – NCIBA in South San Francisco, CA.  Kit will be driving up the coast to be in attendance for the Northern California group as well. She is looking forward to catching up with old friends and making new connections.

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