Binc loves our volunteers!

Volunteer Appreciation Week 2018 is here and the Binc office is buzzing with love for the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the bookseller’s safety net is ready to help booksellers across the country.

First, our incredible board and committee members. In addition to volunteering their time, they use their years of experience in the book industry to help us reach more booksellers and help us work most efficiently. Last year, an unprecedented number of booksellers were in need following a series of natural disasters that refused to let up. Our board and committee members put in extra hours, exhausted their industry contacts and generally stepped up. Their efforts are a huge part of why last year no bookseller in need was turned away!

Our committee and board members aren’t the only volunteers who should be celebrated this week – and every week as far as we’re concerned. Publisher Sales reps and other Binc advocates give their time when they visit some of the thousands of bookstores that shape communities across the country. Person-to-person communication is one of the strongest tools we have in our mission to make sure every bookseller knows that if they have an emergency, they can turn to Binc. We know these visits are effective by the results they produce. 

Our volunteer fundraisers, whether they are helping at a bookseller gathering organizing an event like Heads-or-Tails, the Heartland Fall Forum auction, PNBA’s author badge – or if they are hosting a fundraising event in their store – do more than keep the bookseller’s safety net strong; they spread their enthusiasm and their love for their fellow booksellers.

Without our volunteers, events like the Heads-or-Tails fundraiser wouldn’t be possible!

All of our volunteers act as powerful advocates and use their unique skills to help us be the most effective foundation we can be. They stuff and address envelopes at Binc headquarters, they put up our posters in stores so employees know where they can turn, and they even deliver ceramic pigs for our upcoming Bank on Booksellers auction!

Judey, one of our incredible volunteers, recently visited Binc HQ with a delivery: The unpainted pigs we will be sending out to authors and illustrators for #BankonBooksellers

Please help us celebrate our volunteers by sending out a big THANK YOU in social media. Also, consider joining a Binc committee today and use what makes you great to help booksellers.

Or, you can help booksellers by joining our ongoing #ShareTheGood fundraiser and making a monthly recurring gift.

And there’s a fun way for you to help booksellers. Go out on Indie Bookstore Day, April 28, and let your local bookseller know that you, and Binc, have their back, and buy a few books along the way

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