Binc Grant Recipients Pay it Forward

Pay it forward

The amount of each financial assistance grant from Binc is calculated after conversations between applicants and Binc staff members. Each applicant must have experienced an unexpected personal financial hardship to qualify for assistance, and the scope of the hardships vary with each case. The amount of each grant is designed to bring that particular bookseller back to the state of financial equilibrium that they enjoyed before the crisis arose. The Foundation’s goal is to help booksellers and their families quickly get back on their feet instead of facing a long-term financial hardship.

There are some occasions when the bookseller feels that they are back in a financially secure place before all the approved funds have been paid out. In these cases, the booksellers have requested that Binc put their remaining grant money back into the “kitty” to help another bookseller down the road. These grant recipients know that they are not alone, that other booksellers are out there who also need assistance, and they want to “pay it forward”. Time and again we find that the booksellers who apply to Binc realize that the Foundation has limited funds and they want Binc to help as many individuals and families as possible. Even in times of personal crisis, we see these book people looking out for each other.

We as the staff of Binc are proud to be a part of this caring community. If you would like to join in our effort to strengthen the book industry, please consider making a tax-exempt donation.

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