Binc Foundation Assistance Rises Dramatically

Foundation Assistance Rises Dramatically

Last year at this time, the Binc Foundation had received and approved two financial assistance grants, both were related to medical expenses. This year, with industry support, Binc has seen a steady increase in requests, receiving 17 requests during the same period. And this year’s requests have been for a wider variety of qualifying events including utility shut-off prevention, loss of household income, homelessness prevention, as well as serious medical expenses. These requests, which average $1,900 are coming from booksellers across the country, working both for independent bookstores and bookstore chains.

As the chapter closes on the first quarter of 2014, the Binc Foundation would like to take the opportunity to thank the ABA, the regional IBAs, bookstores, booksellers and other industry professionals from across the country. Your help has been instrumental in communicating the message that booksellers have a safety net. With your assistance, Binc has been able to reach an ever increasing number of booksellers who are experiencing a personal financial hardship.

The support the book industry has given the Foundation is priceless.

  • ABA and IBAs include links, ads and articles on their websites and newsletter
  • SCIBA and NCIBA, and all regional IBAs give Binc space at their trade shows to meet booksellers face-to-face

One recent grant recipient wrote “Binc’s mission is to keep us in business, even when we’re hit with life’s unexpected circumstances. I hope that booksellers everywhere are aware of the amazing and necessary things Binc is doing to keep us and our industry thriving!”

With your help we are getting there!

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