Binc Expands Financial Assistance Program


In an effort to reach a greater number of booksellers struggling with financial difficulties, the Binc Foundation has expanded their Financial Assistance Program to include two new categories. Now, booksellers in need of help to stave off eviction or prevent homelessness may be considered for a financial assistance grant. In addition, a bookseller struggling with the funeral expenses for an immediate family member, may also apply to the Foundation for a grant. In a recent survey booksellers provided input as to what types of assistance would be helpful and these two categories ranked high.  With these two new qualifying events, Binc hopes to make a meaningful difference in the lives of an ever increasing number of bookstore employees.

Eviction/Homelessness Prevention

This assistance is intended to provide or maintain permanent shelter for a bookseller. To be considered for assistance in this category, a bookseller must be facing imminent eviction or homelessness. If the bookseller is approved for assistance, the funds may be used for security deposits, deposits for essential utilities or application fees. If you think you may qualify, please see our website for full details and qualifications.

Binc understands that quick actions may be necessary to help prevent homelessness and will strive to review bookseller requests confidentially and expediently.

Funeral Expenses

The cost of a funeral and burial may cause an immediate financial emergency when a family does not have the funds or insurance to cover the costs. Binc understands the impact of losing a loved one and now provides grants to pay the basic funeral and burial expenses of an immediate family member (spouse, same-sex domestic partner, child, stepchild, mother, father or the bookseller themselves).

When a loved one dies, family members are confronted with dozens of funeral decisions, all of which must be made quickly and under great emotional duress. This funeral planning website can help the family organize the decisions and help to plan the resulting expenses.

Binc understands that beliefs and traditions regarding funerals and burials vary widely; the Foundation will be sensitive to these beliefs and traditions while also balancing overall assistance. Please see the website for specific expenses that are covered.

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