Binc Delivers a Happy Ending

Binc delivers a happy ending

In mid-December a Minnesota family was looking at the upcoming holidays and the long, cold winter with a sense of anxiety. But with Binc’s help they were able to turn things around and enjoy a stress-free holiday and comfortably weather the record setting cold to follow. The grateful mother writes:

“Right before Christmas 2013, I found out I needed urgent back surgery that would require me to be out of work for 6 weeks. At age 36, I had no disability insurance, and was new to my job, so I had limited vacation and sick days available. I am the single mother of 4 kids, and am their sole provider. I reached out to BINC for help. They not only helped me cover basic costs to keep my family with a roof over their head and keep my heat on in Minnesota’s biggest deep freeze in 20 years, they did it quickly and with a smile. My family cannot thank BINC enough for their help, as we would be in a terrible position at this point without them. I was able to concentrate on my healing and allow my kids to experience Christmas without their mother worrying about those necessities. I appreciate BINC being there for me in my family’s time of need.”

We at Binc are thrilled that this request came before the scheduled surgery and therefore before the financial emergency. This mother’s proactive approach to the situation kept her family on an even keel during and after her surgery. We hope others in the bookselling community will reach out to Binc when they see a financial hardship on the horizon. Very often if we can help you plan early the damage done to the family finances is not as severe. And that makes for a happy ending to any story.

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