Binc Conducts Third Industry Survey

In 2014 and again in 2016 Binc conducted a survey of the book industry to gauge awareness of the services provided by Binc to booksellers and how Binc is doing in fulfilling its mission. The findings from these surveys identified additional circumstances where booksellers needed help. And as a result, Binc expanded its programs to include matching grantshomelessness preventionutility shut-off prevention, and store disaster recovery assistance. These programs, which grew directly from survey responses, have since provided many booksellers a path to stabilizing their households and bookstore finances after a disaster or personal hardship.

“Binc is here to serve booksellers, and with the feedback we receive from them and industry professionals through our survey, we become better equipped to act on our mission—which is providing a financial safety net for booksellers,” said Executive Director Pam French. “We cannot overstate how much we value the feedback we receive, so I encourage everyone to participate in this year’s survey. Binc is your foundation and we want to hear from you so we can better serve your needs.”

Because of the continued growth and change of the bookselling industry and of the Foundation, it is time to hear from booksellers about what they want and need from this organization that is dedicated to helping them. This survey will provide valuable insight into what booksellers’ current needs and experiences are.

Binc’s 2019 Survey will be open from March 25th through April 6th and will take under ten minutes to complete. Participants will be eligible to win a grand prize of a $200 gift card to the indie bookstore of their choice or one of four (4) $50 American Express Gift Cards.

The results of the survey will be released in June 2019.

All book industry professionals (publishers, booksellers, store owners, authors, and book lovers) are invited to complete the survey today.

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