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More than awesome

The Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation knows that even small setbacks can have significant impact on a bookseller’s life. Because of that, the assistance provided by the Binc Foundation is geared to get booksellers quickly back on their feet and doing what they love – connecting their community with the books and authors to enhance their lives.

Since 1996, the Binc Foundation has assisted booksellers facing a variety of hardships, saving them from financial disaster and forever changing their lives. Binc has become a critical link in ensuring that booksellers, who may face financial difficulties, have a safety net.

When a family breaks apart Binc can assist as with a bookseller who found herself in an unstable domestic situation. She wrote, “I had to face that I was in a domestic violence situation that I needed to get out of. I was unsure how I would finish school and become financially independent enough to provide for myself and my children. I was afraid I would lose my home, my car and have no food for my children. With help from the Foundation to pay some bills, I have the stability I need to move forward. The Foundation also provided me with resources that would give me on-going assistance that will get me through to the other side of this situation.”

Binc’s Utility shut-off Prevention Program is the newest program addition. One grateful bookseller writes, “I am writing to thank the Foundation for your assistance with my gas bill. Your help literally stopped a disconnection in progress. No cooking gas, no hot water and no heat for these last few cold nights – it would have been a huge problem.”

Loss of household income can hit a family’s finances hard. After receiving assistance a booksellers wrote, “It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. We were facing a financial crisis with my husband’s surgery and loss of income. Thank you for helping my husband, my two daughters and myself.”

It isn’t only the booksellers we help who realize the value of Binc’s assistance; their customers see the value as well. One writes, “I recently saw an article in a local paper that your organization tremendously helped out an amazing little book shop in my city. I was totally blown away by your group’s generosity for this family business. It is more than awesome this act of kindness to bless these people and our community!”

If you are, or know of, a bookseller facing an unexpected financial emergency, please contact Binc.

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