How Binc is supporting uninsured booksellers with the help of NeedyMeds

In early April a bookstore employee reached out to Binc after a knee injury. The first priority after the injury was to obtain an MRI. That might have been an obstacle since an MRI without insurance can cost up to $3,000. But, Alison Foreman Binc’s program manager suggested the NeedyMeds MRI/CAT scan discount program with Next Image.

Working with Next Image the entire referral process took just two days! As a result of the discount program, the cost for the procedure was $600, a discount of over 75%!

The process consists of three quick and easy steps:

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Never say Never

In 2007, I recall emphatically saying that I would never have an eReader. At the time, I worked at Borders and the company hadn’t yet finalized a deal to sell them. As much of a technology geek as I am, I didn’t have the heart to consider something that seemed like such a threat to bricks & mortar stores (and my continued employment).

Fast forward to 2010 and I was part of the latest round of corporate office layoffs. A few days later, still shell-shocked by sudden unemployment, UPS left a package at my door. I opened it to find – an eReader device! A very good friend had decided I needed it as I started my next chapter. And he was right.

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Turn your unwanted books into funds to assist booksellers.


The Book Industry Charitable (Binc) Foundation is partnering with Books by Chance to turn your extra books, CDs and DVDs into cash to help booksellers in need. You can donate your books to the Binc Foundation, get a tax deduction and when the books are sold, Binc will receive the funds.

It’s easy, here is how to get started:

1. Check out the Books by Chance website to review their donation guidelines.

2. Box up your books, CDs and DVDs to donate (remember to put a sticky note on author signed or “special” books).

3. Label each box clearly with this information (or print out our handy donation form):

a. Your name

b. Your email address

c. Your phone number

d. “Donation to Binc Foundation”

4. Fill out a one-time “Consignment Contract

5. Drop off your donation at Encore Online Resale at 1958 S. Industrial


If you live within the Ann Arbor city limits, call Books by Chance for a pickup.

That’s it! As easy as that, you will have more shelf space, and Binc will receive 35% of whatever the books sell for.


We make decisions every day – our careers, our families – without ever knowing when one of those decisions will change the course of our lives. When I moved to Ann Arbor, MI in July 2006 it was for a job at Borders’ corporate office. It seemed like a straightforward decision to move on a new career trajectory. In hindsight, how silly it seems now to think that’s all it was.

There is nothing like working in the book industry. I was completely unprepared for what it’s like to be surrounded by book people all day, every day. The newest releases were at my fingertips. I was exposed to authors I may never have found otherwise. I was always reading. Everyone I worked with was always reading. Now, when I struggle to decide what to read next, I realize how easy it was to take that culture for granted and how lucky I was to share in it.

But my time at Borders is important for more than the friends I made and the books I read. It’s where I met my husband, Jason. It’s a simple story and my real life fairy tale. It’s a story where a boy fell for a girl and woo’d her with his charm, his humor, his looks and, particularly, his smarts.

I wasn’t looking for love when I moved to Michigan and started working for Borders but I found it and I’m grateful. My life was full before I met Jason but now it has a layer of meaning I couldn’t have anticipated. So, when I saw that the Binc Foundation was auctioning letters from Borders store #1, I couldn’t resist bidding.

What letter to bid on? C, of course! It’s thanks to Borders than I’m now a “C”. JGC, to be exact. And where to display our C? Our library, of course! Where we’re surrounded by the books we love and the memories that built our joint library.

Joanna C photo

Post by Joanna (Goldstein) Cline – Binc Foundation Board Member