ABA Winter Institute 9 – Planning a 2014 Bookstore Road Trip

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Going from the very cold mid-west to spring-like Seattle was just one of the benefits of attending Winter Institute 9. I also got to meet the five scholarship winners the Foundation sponsored. Getting to visit each of their stores would make for a wonderful summer road trip. It would take me to:

  • Bethany Beach Books in Delaware to see Nancy Fanning, and enjoy a warm, beach breeze. (Yes, I’m in Michigan and the average temp since returning from Seattle has been around 5 degrees. Warm, beach breezes are on my mind.)
  • The Fountainhead Bookstore in Hendersonville, NC to see Valerie Welbourn’s shop and meet her daughter Melise, who was a 2013 scholarship recipient.
  • Village Lights Bookstore on the Ohio River in Madison, Indiana to catch up with shop owners Nathan Montoya and Ann Vestuto. Certainly, meeting Oscar Wilde and Grrrtrude Stein, the shop cats, would also be a treat.
  • City News in Cheyenne, Wyoming to see Alan Warren and his store that’s been a part of the Cheyenne community since 1969. Aside from the shop I also want to give their ‘world famous’ popcorn a try.
  • Explore Booksellers in Aspen, Colorado to visit with John Edwards and get a tour of his bookshop that’s been going strong for 30 years. And try something from the ‘nutrition dense’ menu, as John describes it, at the Pyramid Bistro that’s upstairs.

Of course, getting to meet so many book lovers in one place is pure joy, and reminds me how very fortunate I am. Next year, Winter Institute is in Ashville, NC. So, it looks like I’ll certainly get to visit The Fountainhead Bookstore in near-by Hendersonville.

There were so many books and authors that stand out. I am starting with, Ruby by Cynthia Bond, a book that was highly recommended by Beth Koehler from Random House.

Ahh, it’s just starting to snow again, guess it’s time to read.

Post written by Pam French, Executive Director, Binc Foundation

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