6 Great Zombie Reads to Inspire you for the Binc Foundation Zombie Apocalypse!

Written By: Dane Jackson

October is my favorite month of the year for many reasons, the main one being people’s willingness to get scared. As a fan of the horror genre (and the last Borders Horror Buyer), October is especially important to me because I like to recommend books to folks that just may make it hard for them to fall asleep at night. Here’s a list of some great reads to get you through October. Since the Binc Foundation’s Fall Fundraiser theme is Zombie Apocalypse!, I decided to stick with great zombie reads. Enjoy!

6) Feed – Mira Grant: Mira Grant is the name urban fantasy writer Seanan McGuire uses when she wrote her Newsflesh zombie trilogy. With Feed, Grant gives us a world where everyone has the zombie virus and will reanimate upon death. Because of that, bodies need to be dealt with pretty quickly after someone dies. This story follows two bloggers who are covering a presidential race, but they find out someone is trying to assassinate the senator using zombies. At its core, Feed is a criticism of mainstream media and the news.

5) Dead of Night – Jonathan Maberry: A serial killer is injected with an experimental serum that is supposed to keep his mind conscious while his body rots away into nothing. It’s the ultimate death penalty and is being tested as a bioweapon for the military, but something goes wrong. Before he can be buried, the killer wakes up with a serious hunger. Dead of Night is filled with lots of gore, action, and military and government conspiracies…key elements to a great zombie novel. Maberry also does a great job developing the human characters and the science behind the zombie infections. It’s a very fast read that makes you want more!

4) Double Dead – Chuck Wendig: Here’s another one of those “why didn’t I think of that” novels. In Double Dead, Wendig introduces us to Coburn, a vampire with a bad attitude who just happens to wake up in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. With his food supply drying out, he’s forced to become the protector of a group of survivors as they make their way West. The book is smart, clever, vulgar, and incredibly gory. It’s also a lot of fun to read.

3) The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor – Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga: If you’re a fan of the comic series or the TV Show, this should be required reading. The Rise of the Governor is Kirkman’s first novel and it tells the story of one of the worst (best?) bad guys in all of comic history…The Governor. This novel is filled with some genuine scares that gave me nightmares and it tells an important backstory to the character who is sure to be one of the focal points of the upcoming season of The Walking Dead.

2) Zone One – Colson Whitehead: Colson Whitehead was the last person I expected to write a zombie novel, but after reading Zone One, I’m glad he did. His novel takes place in Manhattan after the apocalypse as society is trying to rebuild. We follow Mark Spitz around, who is on a team that has the job of making sure building are clear of zombies so the rebuilding can begin. We see glimpses of the apocalypse through Spitz in the form of flashbacks, and through that, Whitehead explores the notion of PASD – Post-Apocalyptic Stress Disorder. I like this novel so much because it focuses more on the human element over the zombie element.

1) World War Z – Max Brooks: This is the gold standard of zombie fiction. Every zombie novel I read is always judged against World War Z. I realize that it’s not fair to those other books, but that’s just the way it is. Told in the form of an oral history, Max Brooks inserts himself in the story as a journalist trying to get the complete story of the Zombie War from all of the survivors. This is my go-to recommendation for just about anyone, and especially for a list of zombies. If you only read one book on this list this month, make sure it’s World War Z.

Now that you have 6 “scary good” recommendation to learn more about Zombies, we hope you will join the Binc Foundation on Saturday October 27th, 2012 at the Arbor Brewing Company to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

About Dane Jackson: I’m an aspiring author. I’m currently a freelance entertainment journalist, as well as a social media guru – currently helping independent retailers across the nation with promoting their stores.

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