2016 Campaign to Sustain – We thank our donors!

Campaign to Sustain

The Binc Foundation would like to thank everyone who donated to our 2016 Campaign to Sustain in the month of May. With your help (all 32 of you!) we were able to raise funds that will be used to grant financial assistance to booksellers from across the country facing financial crisis.

This is how the donations for the campaign broke down: 16 new sustaining donors contributed.  Of those, 7 were individuals, 2 were new regional booksellers associations and 5 were bookstores becoming sustaining donors for the first time. Also, 5 individual donors and 5 bookstores raised their existing sustaining donations in honor of Binc’s 20th anniversary. We also received 6 one-time donations including one new bookstore donor.

There is still time to contribute

If you didn’t get a chance to give during the month of May – there is still time to grab a hat and join the party and make a donation to help booksellers in need. If you become a sustaining donor, your monthly contribution can help stop utility shut offs, pay serious medical expenses and prevent homelessness for bookstore employees.

Here’s what one recent grant recipient wrote in gratitude to Binc,

“Thank you again for the assistance you gave me and my son. Without your help I’m not sure how we could have gotten into our apartment or the used car we have. I can’t express how grateful we are for your help and kindness.”

You can find all the names of the 2016 Campaign to Sustain donors on the donation page of our website. More importantly, you can add your name to the list with a quick and easy donation here.

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