10 Reasons to Become a Binc Sustaining Donor

Sustaining Donation Graphic

#10   You hold the book trade in high regard. Preserving your freedom to read the books that bring enjoyment to your life.

#9    $10 a month is a sum you’ll never miss, but for the person in need of Binc assistance, it’s a game changer.

#8   You support a community of book people who share your passion for books and reading, coming together to help one another.

#7   Booksellers care about words, ideas, independence, and finding the perfect book for each customer. Being a sustaining donor to Binc is your small way of returning some of that care.

#6    There is no other organization with the exclusive mission to help booksellers get back on their feet. Created by booksellers, for booksellers.

#5    You want to thank Binc for the assistance they gave a bookseller you know.

#4   Booksellers have very little financial cushion when unexpected events turn their lives upside down. You realize that unexpected events can happen to anyone at any time.

#3    You know that healthy booksellers make for healthy bookstores. No one can focus on their job when worried about how to pay the bills.

#2    Unexpected medical expenses should not bankrupt a bookseller.  Even with insurance, medical bills can quickly rise to overwhelming heights.

#1    To ensure that if you need help one day, Binc will be there.  Sustaining donors provide the vital, continuing funding that will keep the bookseller’s safety net in place.

The Binc Foundation is looking to add at least 50 new sustaining donors during the month of May. If any of these reasons ring true, please consider adding your support HERE!

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