Board of Directors


Name: Lori Tucker-Sullivan
Location: Detroit, MI
Position: Board President
Company: Independent Booksellers Consortium, Inc.



Matthew Gildea


Name: Matthew Gildea
Location: Cincinatti, OH
Position: Board Vice President
Company: Joseph-Beth Booksellers



Mary Richards


Name:            Mary Richards
Location:       Ann Arbor, MI
Position:        Board Treasurer
Company:      Forest Health Services




Christie Roehl


Name:            Christie Roehl
Location:       Mt. Clemens, MI
Position:        Board Secretary
Company:      Carhartt




Name:            Anne Kubek
Location:       San Francisco, CA
Position:        Chairperson
Company:       ReUp Education





Name:          Julia Cowlishaw
Location:     Nashville, TN
Position:      Board member
Company:   Ingram Content Group



Rockelle Henderson


Name:           Rockelle Henderson
Location:      Bluffton, SC
Position:       Board member
Company:     Rock Inked, Inc.



Wanda Jewell


Name:          Wanda Jewell
Location:     Columbia, SC
Position:      Board member
Company:    Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance (SIBA)



Mary Jane Karwoski


Name:           Mary Jane Karwoski
Location:      Birmingham, AL
Position:       Board member
Company:     Glenwood Autism and Behavioral Health Center




Deb Leonard


Name:          Deb Leonard
Location:     Ypsilanti, MI
Position:      Board member
Company:    Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association (GLIBA)





Name:          Kate McCune
Location:     Ann Arbor, MI
Position:      Board member
Company:    HarperCollins Publishers



Binc square logo


Name:           Annie Philbrick
Location:      Mystic, CT
Position:       Board member
Company:     Bank Square Books




Ken White


Name:          Ken White
Location:    San Francisco, CA
Position:     Board member
Company:   Query Books